Split w/ Downsided

by Hummingbird Of Death

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    The split with Downsided (RIP). Translucent red tape in a case with J-card insert. One side: a very long HOD song. Other side: 12 songs from Downsided.

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Recorded April 2011 at Osmosis, Meridian, ID.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Nathan Barnes.
Art and layout by Bryce Kresge.
Released by Kill Your Heroes, Rust Never Sleeps, and Swine Records.


released December 1, 2012

Justin - guitar
Mike - drums
Patrick - bass



all rights reserved


Hummingbird Of Death Boise, Idaho

Fastcore. Boise. Power trio. 2005-end of the universe.

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Track Name: House Of Strange And Wonderful Things
How exciting to live in this period of human history, when large numbers of "true Americans" will actually believe the government would try to sentence the sick to die. Who came up with that bullshit idea? Death panels to decide the fate of the infirm and elderly. Was this ever a serious plan? Seems like not to me. But the shit sticks to the wall, and you've devoured it all, only to puke it up in the form of support for your god-given right to private health insurance. It was never under threat. The lobbyists have seen to that. But that didn't stop your bleating at that town hall meeting, where you shot your mouth off and made an ass of yourself. Just don't come crying to me when you get sick and there are suddenly countless obstacles and trials on your path to recovery. Insurmountable, inconceivable, unbelievable but foreseeable. Death panels exist today. For years they've been on a killing spree. Where, you ask? Look no further than the insurance industry, who'll go out of their way to deny the service you pay them for because they would rather just keep your money. And they'll sentence you to die. They already decide your fate. They are the parasite that feeds on the blood of your country. We should decide their fate. We should decide whether they live or die. We should decide that they should die.

Guess what? No one is trying to change how you live. Gays are not trying to assimilate your kids. You wanna place blame, take a look in the mirror and stare at the scourge of intolerance and fear. As the world moves forward, you stay behind. Are you really that scared of what you'll find? You're losing control but there's nothing to lose. All these "weird" minorities are people just like you. The only conspiracy is inside your fucking head. Just let go and get along, or go through life lonely and wrong. Respect for diversity and all walks of life, why shouldn't you agree? Live and let live, don't be a dick, essential humanity. Leave your hate behind. Cast it from your mind. You'll be surprised what good it does your life.